What is lifestyle lift procedure

Lifestyle lift is one of the latest facelift procedure that has swept over America. In our previous featured article on lifestyle life, we have explained a bit on how does liftstyle life works but it seems like there are more questions about what lifestyle lift does. Hence, we aim to provide this more detail explanation so that our readers will not be confused over what exactly is lifestyle lift.

Most of the patients who are going for lifestyle lift is to reduce the sagging lines between the neck and the jowl area. Specifically, they want to reduce their necklines, jawlines and the lines on the jowl area. Most of the time, a necklift surgery is needed to completely reduce the lines for most patients.

A liftstyle lift procedure is not a full blown facelift. Rather, it can be considered to be a mini face lift. As such, it is not suitable for all.What it does is that surgeon will provide some tightening of the skin but at the surface level, rather than touching the actual pulling the muscle to achieve the skin tightening. Hence, it is more for patients who have seen early signs of aging, rather than for some one who has a more pronounced necklines and jawlines.

Difference between liftstyle lift and face lift

A full blown face lift typically needs about 3 hours while a lifestyle lift needs about an hour or less. For the former, the surgery might involved:

  • neck liposuction: for young patients with good skin condition, doing this might be sufficient to produce a good result
  • suture-suspension necklift: for patients with poor definition of the neck, this will help to create a more sculptured look if the patient does not have excessive neck skin
  • removal of neck skin: this is necessary for patients that have sagging neck skin. Surgeon will need to create an incision at the earloop area to remove the excessive skin while tightening the entire facial area. This procedure is quite complex and requires someone who has a great deal of experience in face lift surgery.

For the liftstyle lift, it might not be as comprehensive as the above and reply on only small facelift incisions.

Benefits of liftstyle lift procedure

While the procedure might not be as comprehensive as a full blown face lift surgery, it does have some benefits such as a faster recovery time, less expensive and minimally invasive. However,  a liftsyle facelift still requires experienced surgeons to avoid leaving any visible scars on the face of patients to justify the benefits.